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As a family, we have had to endure some good size power outages. We had one last October that spanned eight straight days. Obviously, we made the best of it and had a lot of fun together, as a family, under the candlelight. We needed to find ways to entertain kids during a power outage.

As a little note, we definitely know that eight days is not a long time to some who live in this world. But, in our world, that was a long, long time.

Here are some things we did to pass the time and have some fun.

  1. We played lots of games. We played dice, monopoly, magic and poker. The kids loved every minute of it. They had our undivided attention, especially once the sun went down and we were tied to the lanterns at the table.
  2. All of us read books during the day. The older boys read the most out of all of us. However, we also read to the baby more than any other time of our life. She loved hearing the stories and learning to turn the pages and follow along with our words and the pictures.
  3. Being a story telling family, we had a lot of fun making up stories. Our middle son is the most amazing story teller and he came up with some of the best ones. We laughed a lot as we listened to each other, narrate the most ridiculous scenes.
  4. Sock puppets are a great addition to storytelling. It is like a combo activity or a bonus time passer. We are not a super crafty family and do not have a lot of supplies on hand but I can imagine what some families would come up with to make these the most amazing puppets ever.
  5. Our older boys love to draw so it was really nice to see them get creative in their minds to draw objects around them. They usually use YouTube and follow along with somebody but with the power being out, they had to look inside themselves for the creativity.
  6. We made a huge fort in our living room. We put up blankets and made them tall enough for all of us to play inside. The youngest loved every second of that one; she played a lot of peek- a-boo and ended up knocking it down quite a few times. Instead of getting frustrated though, we just took the opportunity to rebuild our fort in a new way, but stronger.
  7. Our family loves music; we have guitars, pianos, recorders and other instruments lying around. This lead to a lot of fun song writing. We sang a lot of songs, both made up and ones we know by heart. It was fun to hear the kids singing, especially when they were being silly with their lyrics.
  8. Our longest power outage happened when the weather was cool, so it was nice to have the fire burning. We loved being outside with a nice fire in the fire pit and toasting marshmallows and hot dogs on sticks.
  9. Speaking of fires, we had to get really creative with our cooking. We had a fire going in our wood stove and have lots of cast iron pans. It was really fun frying eggs and making toast on the top of the stove. We got pretty creative with food and really enjoyed the kid’s reaction to the meals we were able to cook.
  10. A lot of the time at night, we talked about our family history with the kids. We told them stories that had been passed down to us and we told them what we could remember of our family growing up. It was fun to share our genealogy and the kids learned a lot about where they come from.
  11. We had some fun adventures walking around our property. We walked around and explored the damage the storm had caused. There were a lot of trees down, ripped up from their roots. We talked a lot about nature and how animals lost their homes. Being in nature is always refreshing and feels great!

All in all, you can make the best of any situation.

Using your imagination and have some fun with the kids. Forget about the dishes that are piling up and the laundry, it will be there when the power comes back on. We have talked about turning off our circuit breaker once a month for an evening, but haven’t gone to that level yet. It was nice to connect and slow down. We made the best of it and we grew even closer through the storm.

So just a quick addendum to this post…we lost all of our freezer and refrigerator food during this storm.  To ensure that this never happens again we went out and dropped a little cash on a portable generator.  It is never fun to see your hard work go out in city trash bags.  I have included a link to a generator from amazon that is not the same model we got but same company.  I have used it three times since and have not been disappointed at all.  Check it out!!

DuroMax XP4400E 4,400 Watt 7.0 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit And Electric Start

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