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Children need to know they are loved, appreciated and wanted. Being validated and understood is so important to self-esteem. Each and every day, we as parents build our kids up. Using positive parenting phrases everyday can show them they are important to us. We need to get them to understand their self-worth.

As you start using these positive parenting phrases regularly your list will easily grow to over a hundred!

Here is a list of 15 positive parenting phrases we use in our home to build our kids up. We play an active role in our childrens self-esteem, each and every day.

Watch your kids transform after just one or two days of making a point to use a few of these key phrases. The list below is really just a small start to get you going.

I love you

This phrase seems so simple but it carries its weight in gold in a childs heart. Say it often and say it loud.

“I love that I get to be your parent

We are lucky as parents to have our children in our lives. They show us so much about life. Tell them how important they are in your life as often as possible.

You make me smile every day

We can’t even tell you how many times our children make us smile in a day. They don’t even have to be around, sometimes we just have to think about them. Our kids love to hear this one and it makes them smile immediately.

“It is okay to make mistakes”

We all make mistakes; it is part of being an imperfect human. We often let our children know it is ok and that we understand they will make mistakes.

“I love being able to spend time with you

We need to take the time to let our kids know how much we value them and that we want to spend time with them. Let your child walk you through a fun activity and let them create the order of play. Go to their events and their games and embrace the time spent with them.

“I know you can do it

Encouraging your child really goes a long way. We are their cheerleaders and they know they have someone who believes in them.

“I think about you all the time”

We think about your kids all the time. Even when they are away from us, we wonder if they are good, if they are happy and if they are healthy. Let them they exist in your thoughts when they are away.

I love listening to your stories

Our children are natural story tellers. It gives them a chance to let out their creative side. Give them the opportunity to share what is going on in their minds and listen as the stories grow bigger and better. Encourage them to tell you more, it is a great way to feed their minds.

You taught me something new today”

Our kids teach us something new every day and sometimes they teach us several things. Find ways to tell them when they teach you something. It is so good for them to hear and it gives them the power to teach others as well.

I am proud of you

This one seems so simple but really having pride in our children is a huge thing for their psyche. It not only makes them feel proud of themselves but it also makes them want to do more that will make us proud.

I love watching you play and have fun

We love watching as our children use the toys or crafts we bought them. Let’s face it; we spend a lot of money on entertainment for our children. Everyone needs to slow down and take the time to watch them enjoy it. Tell them how nice it is to see them playing and having fun.

You have an amazing imagination

A child’s mind is so full of fun and games. It can be as simple as watching them play “the floor is lava”. Encourage that imagination and let it build and continue to grow. It is amazing to see what is unlocked in their minds.

You are special and unique

Every child is different and they all have so many unique features. Often times it is the special qualities that make a child feel insecure. When we tell them they are special and unique, it breathes new life into them.

You are smart

Kids need to hear they are smart and they want to know that you see it to. When they hear us say it, it makes them realize they really are intelligent, which will do wonders for school!

You can change the world

Seriously though, they CAN change the world. Give them that option; let them know it is possible.

Kids become what they hear! As parents, building them up and making them feel validated is one of the most important things we can do. It is our job to make them feel great about themselves.

The positive parenting phrases and positive words we choose to use with our children, are the words that become their mantras through life.

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