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We have decided to be a family of writers. We have talked to the boys about it and they are willing to write every now and again. As parents, we think it will be good for the kids to experience writing on this platform. Brian and I have always thought it was important for school work to be done at home and we have always been the type of parents who try to keep education going when the kids are out of school.


We love for the kids to have their downtime and to play video games with their friends. Of course, we love when they go outside and build forts or play football. We appreciate that they need time to just chill and watch videos. Down time is super important for our active and growing boys. During the school week life is busy. Between school, swim practice and socializing with friends, time goes by pretty fast. The weekends though, are a bit different. We are home a lot and home does not always mean downtime, so we are always looking for ways to back down on the video games.

Keeping Busy

We all thought this would be a great way for them to practice their writing skills. Brian and I have pretty much given them full discretion on topics. We will read and approve of them before they land on the website, but the content will be their own. I suspect there will be some creative writing pieces from Wylder and I would imagine Anders will talk about a book he has read. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine. Both boys love to read and learn. They have a thirst for knowledge and have both done very well at school. Our hope is that this will enhance their writing skills as well as teach them communication through their writing.

Both boys have expressed an interest in having YouTube channels and I would imagine those will be popping up at some point with some fun videos! Brian and I are super proud and very excited to see our boys give this a try a to move forward as a family of writers.

Feel free to drop a comment for Anders and Wylder! I am sure they would love to hear from you!

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