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Natural Birth

I feel like with all three of my children I was able to use the law of attraction and birth them naturally. My idea is to share a little story about how my thinking and my mindset drew in the most amazing labor and delivery nurse you could ever want in your life.

I might as well start right at the beginning with the first born. It was my decision to give hypnobirthing a try. I really did not want to have any medications and I wanted to have control over myself while giving birth and living through the most amazing moment thus far in my life.

Honestly, I knew that hypnobirthing was for me the moment I learned about it. Being who I am though, I just took the time to read about it. I didn’t take a class or follow anyone’s outlined path. Teaching myself the basics, I sort of winged it. I followed some suggestions from different things I had read and modified it to my very own technique.

The law of attraction made sense to me

I used my imagery to imagine the most amazing birth experience. I learned how to use my mind with a purpose so I could have the control I so wanted during the childbirth experience. During all my preparations, I just knew my birthing supports would all be amazing.

The first born

The first born was the beginning of this amazing journey. As I was admitted to the hospital, in labor with my very first baby, the most amazing, soft spoken nurse found her way to me.  My labor lasted 18 hours and I had terrible back labor.

This nurse knew and understood hypnobirthing and was right by my side the entire time. She knew I did not want medicine, she knew i wanted to have this baby naturally and helped me stay true to my images the entire time. As the OB was talking about prepping a room for a C-section (something I later learned), this nurse took me through pushing and gave me the strength and encouragement I needed to accomplish my goal and have a healthy, all natural, 100 percent control over the whole experience.  My first born was 9 lbs 13 ounces and 24 inches long. Yes, that is two feet long!

The Second born

Fast forward a couple of years and I was getting ready to have my second baby. I was beginning my hypnobirthing mind preparations and immediately I began thinking about my nurse.I had a very close friend of mine saw her just before I was going into labor. Maybe the day before. Anyway, she said she was not going to be on over the next few days. My friend told me this, but I didn’t let it sway my thoughts. I just knew she would be there.

When I went into labor, I went in through the emergency room and guess who came in with a wheel chair to take me up to labor and delivery. You guessed it! There she was. She remembered me and knew my birth plan almost immediately.

My second child decided he was in a hurry to enter the world. The contractions were very hard and I had to be given something to slow them down because the cord was around his neck and he was having some distress from it. This birth was also nothing short of amazing. My nurse was again, my guide. She saw me through the whole three hour delivery and with her help, my second was born after just three short pushes. He was not quite as big as the first, and he came screaming into this world. He came so fast my nurse was trying to call the OB and had to throw the phone down while yelling for help saying she had a baby with a cord. The OB got to the room literally just in time to catch that beautiful boy and slide the cord right off.

The third born

Just a short time ago, I was in my third trimester with my little girl. Eight years had passed since I had my last baby. I had no idea if my nurse would even still be at the hospital. My decision was to go with the midwives this time and it was a great experience. I had some pretty interesting health issues with this pregnancy so labor was a little scary for me. I had a prolapsed uterus and no one could really tell me what would happen during labor. If you want to read more about that, feel free to check out my more specific blog entries.

There I was in my third trimester, working out my birthing techniques and I began thinking about my nurse. I just saw her there with me, keeping things calm and amazing for me. She would be my advocate. I pictured her there while everything went smoothly. One of the big differences with this birth was they were having me come in to be induced. They did not want me to go into labor when they were not fully staffed so I was starting this birth with drugs. Something I really did not want.

I walked in to labor and delivery, ready for them to induce me. The nurse, there she was! My angel of a nurse. My smile and my confidence immediately boosted. I knew, at that moment, everything was going to be fine. My nurse took a moment to remember me, but I saw it all come back to her as I talked about my previous deliveries with her. She was there for me from the moment I walked in my room. She even decided to hook me up to a breast pump to induce labor before they tried any medicine. Well, that breast pump sure did work! No need for drugs after all. Imagine that!

Prolapsed uterus and labor

The labor was so amazing and so great. My uterus behaved itself , I think because I knew my body and I had control over the whole experience. My whole labor lasted about two hours and that little baby was born after two pushes. Now the most remarkable part of this whole thing was with no drugs, just mind over matter, I was able to smile through every single contraction. I had many nurses, midwives and OB’s come in and out of observing this labor and they all where so amazing and great. I knew so much more with this third birth and had really crafted my own hypnobirthing process.

Anyway, after all was said and done and the baby was born, my nurse returned to my room. She wanted to thank me for the wonderful experience that birth was. She told me she was thinking of retiring and I told her how special and how important she was for me during all three of my children’s births. It was truly a moment for both of us.

I feel like this is a pretty epic story about how I was able to use the law of attraction throughout my labor and delivery process and also how I was able to attract my nurse to all three of my births from 2006 to 2016. Honestly, if that is possible, just imagine the possibilities! I would love to talk more about my experience and hope if you have any questions or comments you will leave them below!

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