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How To Not Get Mad – Controlling Madness

There are many tricks to controlling your madness and sadness. First of all you should take 5 deep breaths.Then go to your room and take some more deep breaths. Count how many red or blue things.

Second you should try to cancel out all noise and just start thinking about what upsets you. I like using that technique when I’m getting yelled at. Or you can count your blessings by counting all the things you love.

Third you should try sleeping and just stop thinking about all your worries, anger, and sadness. Just let it all fade away. If you’re a parent and your kid upsets you these next ones are for you.

First you should let it all out by screaming in a pillow or blanket. Then you should take some deep breaths probably, 5-10 of them depending on how bad they upset you really.

Side note you should avoid yelling at them if they do something small but if its really bad you can yell or put them in timeout or something like that.

Controlling Sadness and Madness
Controlling Sadness and Madness

How To Not Get Sad – Controlling Sadness

First try to calm yourself by meditating or you can even just sleep. This is a great way to compromise your sadness and if you can’t sleep then try the other ideas I mentioned.

Now if none of these work for you then you can always just confront your sadness with somebody and then they can help you hopefully.

And if they can’t help you you can just go somewhere you would like to go, that you love and just to try to clear your mind of whatever it is that is making you super sad, or mad. Or you can just go to somebody else that you think can help you with your problem that your having. If that doesn’t work just try to forget about it all when you are going to bed the next night.  

If you want to, leave me a comment on what you do to work through your emotions and control madness and sadness, I would love to hear them.

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Youtube has some great meditations for kids. I really enjoy Friendly Wishes!