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I am pretty sure as a family we talk the most about food. It seems our kids wake in the morning and food is talked about all day long. Our children are always up for trying new things and the list of foods they do not like is very short. 

I suppose we are lucky with that but I have to wonder if it is because from very early on in their lives we had them eating a large variety of foods.We make the majority of our meal from scratch and cook with as good of ingredients as we can afford.

This does not mean we don’t ever have simple meals, because we do. But, as a whole, we enjoy meals that are full of variety and flavor. We do not have a microwave and if you offer our kids a hot pocket, pizza rolls or chef boyardee,they run away.  Even box mac and cheese is frowned upon.We really try to stay away from processed foods with a lot of ingredients that we cannot pronounce. We avoid all the dyes as much as we can and really try not to use a lot of high fructose corn syrup.


These foods honestly taste fake to us, so we just don’t use them very often.Brian and I have always been on the same page; that food fuels us and what we eat plays a huge role in how we behave. Our boys have never had behavior issues or attention problems in school. They focus and do very well. I know I attribute it a lot to the food they put in their bodies. School has always come easy for them.

So, far, we are seeing the same from our little girl. She is able to concentrate and follow directions very well and is not even two yet.We also find it very important to sit and eat as a family, at the dinner table. We do this more often than not and find that it is a great way for us to have very honest and real conversations.

It is low pressure when we are enjoying our food and also just talking about life. The boys are much more open to talking about their days when we are just relaxing around the table.

I would love to hear from people and their thoughts on foods and behavior.  Have you changed your kids diet and seen a huge difference in behavior? Have you started eating at the table as a family and noticed your kids are more open to talking?

Give us a shout in the comments and let us know!

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