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Busy Life

This has to do with my wife. Just a quick back story if you don’t know us.  We are old soul and we have three children.  Both of us have full time jobs.  We work for a Community Non-profit.  We raise three, free thinking children that are labeled in our town as well-rounded kiddos. And sadly, we often feel unaccomplished.

The other night at 11:40pm my wife in a huff after working on her computer for the past 4 hours dropped a subtle line that she was uber frustrated that she had no creative feel to the content she was posting.  So she felt completely unaccomplished.   

Immaculate House

We had a few..very few short words and she went to bed.  I hate going to bed without working out details.  It eats at me.  I got up to go pee and I noticed that she had completely cleaned the entire bedroom.  Swept, clothes put away, bed made.  A real nice fresh feeling to the bedroom.  As I walked out the hallway to the kitchen I noticed the floor was swept and clean.  I saw there were no dishes on the drying rack.  None in the sink.  Counters clean. There was no trace that a near two year old had devastated the house for the last 13 hours.

How did she feel unaccomplished?

I sat in my computer chair and I realized that Jody had gone to bed feeling unaccomplished.  Yet I walked around the house and truly saw how much she did accomplish.  I wish she was awake so I could show her what had happened that day, she does so much for our house.  She keeps us moving forward even when we don’t want too. She sets high goals on herself.  And expects the same from us!

Trying to go above and beyond our daily life is amazing and fun. Trying to toe up with jody with content and technology, keeps us focused.  But the fact I had work going on and she drove a household for multiple days and came up with ideas for great blog content.  And she felt she was unaccomplished.

Look out!!

Keep in touch with us!  We will have great content to offer.

As a man living with a great woman, do your best to keep up.  She will make you better!!


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