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Game nights

I don’t know about your house, but at our house we love to play games. Both Jody and I grew up having game nights and we like to do the same with our kids. Cards, Monopoly, Mine-craft, Dice, table tops, and really any game that crosses our path.

About three months ago, I was away on a business trip and got the opportunity to play a little Dungeon and Dragons. From what I understand of the game, it is a huge universe that has endless quests and things to do. I enjoyed making a fantasy creature with some healing skills. Rolling into some foreign country side and slaying some goblins. I thought, hey this might be fun to let the boys get creative and use their imaginations instead of some predetermined outcome.

I stopped at our local game shop and picked up a Dungeon and Dragons Starter Set. It cost around $24.00 dollars to purchase. I brought it home and opened it up. We read through the Dungeon Masters Handbook. I had the boys read through the basic rules. There were 5 pre-generated characters characters so we could just jump in and start playing.

D&D Game Nights

We sat down on a Friday night and bust open the box. The boys grabbed a character sheet and Jody grabbed one too. I ran them through a small piece of the campaign. Had them make up some stories about their characters and we had a great time. Before we knew it, it was three hours later and time for bed.

The next time we sat down to play Jody couldn’t join us because she and the baby were not feeling good. I yelled out to the boys if they wanted to play anyway. They said yes and that they would be out in a minute. I sat down and got everything ready and they walked out in full costume for their characters. It was absolutely fantastic.

We had a wonderful little session protecting Mom’s character and battling off spiders. We have played for a total of about 7 hours now. And we are through a fraction of the content.

Jody and I have enjoyed watching the kids use their imagination and using ours as well. If you are into fantasy and telling a great story, we highly recommend picking up this D&D starter set. Everything you need to play is right in the box. I have included a link if you want to purchase it. Great times!!!

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set

Be sure to check out the D&D official site for loads more information.

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