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Hey, I dont know where to begin when talking to a new dad.  There is so much responsibility and respect.  So many selfless acts that you need to do.  You started a family maybe not on purpose, but you did.  My mom always said dont go poking in fun, what some girl is gonna take seriously.  And holy shit is it serious.  You created a bond with another human being that is pulling your best genetics mixing them up to create a wicked tiny human.

I am not going to get into childbirth this go around.  IT IS AMAZING!!!  That is all.

Leaving the hospital and heading home

When the hospital gives the OK for you to leave the nurses give you a quick run down of stuff to do and teach you how to strap your baby in the car seat.  They answer 3-5 of the infinite amount of questions you have in your head.  They help you get mom and baby into your mode of transportation.  Everyone is belted in and you walk to the drivers side and sit in the seat, you are now in full new dad mode.

I suggest you take a real big deep breath.

When you start that car…and you start moving, you basically give up your ideas as to how your life was going to go.  Just to make sure YOUR tiny human is better than you…

I am not real sure this is something that can be summed up in a blog entry.  Lets just talk about the first day or maybe the first hour you’re home as a new dad.  There will be certain circumstances to every situation.  Just use your brain.  If its winter make sure the house is warm.  If its raining grab an umbrella or get creative.  Cold, icy, hot, rainy, apocalypse…it doesn’t matter make the first 30 minutes count.  Your tired, emotional, scared, insecure, and…i don’t know, ready to fight flee or freeze.  Just remember in the last 36 hours you didn’t push a seedless watermelon out of a hole the size of a lemon.  Suck it up buttercup.

You need to be flawless.

You need to get everyone in the house and comfortable and get something good on the t.v in one room.  Put on some some music in another.  Get your newborns mother her favorite meals.  Make sure the laundry is done.  There are no dishes.  Clean the bathroom and spend an hour doing it.  Clean up your pee…Its yours..your the only one standing to pee.  Thus far.

Imagine you walking into your house and what you would want done if you just gave birth.

I am going to make this blog some sort of series.  There is so much responsibility and information in the 9 paragraphs that I just pounded out.

I want to offer so much more.  We will talk soonly…Watch for it!


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