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Aaiko literally came into this world loving water! She was a newborn baby who loved the water. Looking back, I kind of wish we had done a water birth. but with our complications, that was just not feasible.

Are babies just born with a love for water because of their natural growing environment? Do they really just have a built in water radar? 

I know that for me, I feel so relaxed when I am in the water. Weather it be a tub, a shower, a pool, a lake, a river, a stream or just jumping in a mud puddle. I want water. I love the way it makes me feel calm inside my mind. 

Watching my newborn baby, enjoying all the water has to offer, is the most amazing feeling. I hope you enjoy it too! 

This was the first time she had her hair washed! The relaxation is amazing. She just loves being pampered! Don’t we all? How much do you wish you could just sit back, new to this world, and enjoy this moment. This is seriously one of her first moments outside of my body. She was so relaxed and so happy to be clean. 

Do you remember your babies first bath? Did you find it as remarkable as I did? 

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