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The beginning

From the moment you start thinking about your pregnancy and how you will deliver your baby, you wonder what your birth experience will be like. Will my water break? What if I have to deliver in my car? Will it hurt? They are never the same, I can tell you that. I have had three babies and each one was different. Each delivery was it’s own moment in time. Each baby came on its own and naturally, and for that I am so thankful.

A rare birth experience

My third baby was a very interesting pregnancy. I had some rare issues that honestly no doctor in the state of Maine seemed to know how to deal with because they had not seen it. I had a prolapsed uterus and things were very strange. Feel free to check out my other blog on this if you would like more information.

Today though, I want to talk about having to be induced. With the rare pregnancy I was having my midwifes and the consulting OB’s decided they wanted to induce me so a full staff would be on deck if they were needed.


I did a little research on being induced and it did not sound like fun to me at all. Reading about Prostaglandin; a suppository that is inserted into the vagina during the evening which causes the uterus to go into labor by morning. I read about Pitocin and Syntocinon, which are medications that are forms of the natural hormone, Oxytocin. The risk factors of these methods scared me as I did the research. Let me tell you, I did not like the risks. Contractions too fast and hard, artificial rupture of membranes and pain, lots of pain.

The birth plan

My birth plan was to be drug free, just like I had done with my first two babies. I use hypnobirthing / the law of attraction and wanted this to happen with my third baby as well. The idea of inducing labor was scary to me and made me really nervous. I wanted another option but didn’t really have one. I walked into my appointment a little nervous. Not only did I not know what would happen with my uterus, as it had prolapsed so much during my pregnancy, but what would happen with being induced. What would my birth experience be like?

The midwife came in my room and was absolutely amazing. I know they all were nervous as well. The Nurses, the Midwives and the OB’s; none of them had delivered a baby from a mother with a prolapse. I was very fortunate to have the midwife that I did because she was just as nervous as I was with using induction medications. She walked me through her plan of hooking me up to a breast pump. She said we would do it in intervals. Of course, I jumped on this plan and thought it was a great idea.

Nipple stimulation

Nipple stimulation can be done with an electric pump or by hand. It is a natural form of labor induction that releases the hormone Oxytocin, which is naturally produced and causes contractions. Basically, this is the same as when a baby nurses right after birth and stimulates contractions, which slows bleeding.

The nurse came in and fitted me for a breast pump. The cups are all different and you have to find the right one that works with your size. We were able to find the right one and I was ready to go. No IV’s, no suppository, just some nipple stipulation. Immediately I was relaxed! I knew this would follow in my birth plan and I easily let go into my hypnobirthing plan, knowing my birth experience would be smooth and easy.

Thankfully, the nipple stimulation worked! I had produced a small amount of colostrum, the first milk that is super rich in antibodies. The nurses keep the bottles and saved the colostrum for my baby. I was planning to nurse anyway so this was wonderful in my mind. It gave me yet another sense of peace and comfort. I will say though, if you are not planning on nursing this is still a great way to induce labor. I really don’t think you can only use this method if you are planning on nursing. There are many ways to stop your milk production after the birth and I hope a mother would not pass up this method just because of their choice or decision not to nurse.

Labor induced

We only had to go two intervals and I was literally in labor within a half hour and was progressing nicely. Things were starting to really get moving. The midwife and nurse where by my side, checking my uterus often to make sure it was behaving. They were reporting back the entire time to the OB on the floor, which was very comforting to me.

The baby was doing very well and I had learned enough about my prolapse during my pregnancy to not be on my feet too much and definitely not to squat or climb on anything. I walked some but not very much. It was not good for me to, as I knew that gravity often would make it “fall out”. I sat on the yoga ball and rolled my hips and honestly laid down a lot. This was not how I was with my first two children, but I needed to listen to my body and I needed to understand my symptoms over the last few months.

Active Labor

My labor progressed very quickly and actually only lasted about two hours. With each contraction I was able to use my hypnobirthing techniques and progress with them. I had a goal for this pregnancy, I wanted to smile through my contractions. I had already gone through two natural births, my first being 9lbs 13oz and 24 inches long (yes, I am serious). My other births were pretty quiet actually and I was able to find my zen, with the help of my wonderful nurse, who happened to be at all three of my births (which will be another blog post).

When I decided it was time to push, my midwife and nurses where so amazed, I had achieved my goal and smiled after each contraction. My husband was looking at me with such pride in his eyes, I knew everything was going to be okay and my uterus would be up to the task. I knew all the Midwives, OB’s and nurses where anxious to see if the uterus would hold up.

Time to Push

I said I needed to push and away we went. My body and my mind knew what to do, it was involuntary at that point. I was so deep in my hypnobirthing I was outside of myself. I allowed my body to do the work and my little baby girl came into this world with 2 and a half pushes. She literally slid out so quickly, and I smiled! My uterus was perfectly fine, nothing was wrong with it at all. My body had done it’s job perfectly. I was able to have a wonderful, drug free birth from start to finish and I truly owe it all to the midwife that suggested nipple stimulation. Also, I have to say that hypnobirthing is absolutely an amazing birthing method!

Please feel free to ask me any questions about my birth experience. I am happy to share more details if they are wanted!

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