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Hey there, Spongie here. I would like to chat about swimming and your kids.


To dive a little into my background.  I work at our local YMCA I have been employed in aquatics since 1992.  26 years.  26 years teaching and coaching swimming.  Now I can not say that I am an expert.  I have had my fair share of success.  We have had some Olympic Trial qualifiers.  That is a bonus!!

A few ideas you should really consider when you put your children in lessons.  Start your kids young.  Not to you, I recommend that kids not get into a chlorinated pool until at least 9 months.  Also you want them to be able to have head control.  So if your baby cant lift their head don’t start pool time yet. Take them to a parent/child class its a great time you sing songs.  You learn body awareness in the pool.  And you get some good quality time with your kids.  When you are not in a session of lessons.  Go to family swim.  Spend some time at the pool.  

Keep the progression going as they get older and more comfortable move them to a group setting.  Things you need to remember about dropping your kid at the pool.  DROP your kid at the pool.  Introduce them to their instructor and so to the viewing area.  Do not stand at the window taking picture, blowing kisses, or trying to get them to focus.  They are 4…  Swim T-shirts are a real touchy subject.  All they do is hinder their ability to learn how to swim.  If you are at the beach and want to keep the sun off their back use a swim t-shirt.  If  you want your kiddo to learn how to swim.  Leave it at home.  

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