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Teamwork works.  It works in organized sports, it works at any job or task you need to complete.  Teamwork works in parenting.  Jody and I may not have all the answers.  What parent does.  But I will tell you one thing, we support each others decisions when it comes to anything to do with our kiddos.  The one thing we always do is keep each other in check in our style.

You can bet your sweet cheeks there have been numerous times that I may not agree with how she is handling a situation.  I am sure there have been way more with how I handle situations.  We both came from very different upbringings.  But no matter where we stand with each other, we are a united front.  It has worked out every single time when it comes to parenting our kids.  I know there have been times that we did not agree, and the situation worked out perfectly.  


Just last night I was harping on our middle child, Wylder, for something that clearly had agitated me.  I was getting a little heated and raising my voice.  Jody told me to calm down.  At the moment it pissed me off and I decided to go to bed.  But as I was leaving I knew she was right.  It was not a time that needed full blown Dad voice.  Plus she followed up with Wylder conveying my thought in a much better tone.  It worked out.  Just like it always does. 

I know that there are a lot of divorced/split/single parents out there but for the most part you are all adults.  Stay united when it comes to your kids.  They will respect both of you a lot more in the long run.  Maybe not so much in the heat of the moment.

Good luck, raise your kids!

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