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Making cakes is something my husband and I love to do. Our boys have loved having these cakes over the years and we look forward to making Aaiko some that she will love too. A lot of time, effort and money goes into making these and our boys know this is part of their birthday present from us. 

To be honest, it is disappointing that we have not made them for every birthday. Life gets in the way sometimes and unfortunately, we can’t turn back time and make them happen for those birthdays we have missed. We have had a blast with the ones we have made and will continue to try and make them in the future. 

Birthday Cake and Tequilla Tradition

The start of our tradition

This whole tradition started with our oldest son and his obsession with garbage trucks. We decided it would be fun to make a cake for his birthday party and we tried our best to make a cake copy of his favorite toy garbage truck.

We stayed up late into the night, drinking tequila, laughing, and creating the best cake we could come up with. It was a ton of fun and we really enjoyed spending the time together, working on something creative and spending a great night together. 

Garbage Truck cake
Our first attempt at cake making.

For being our first attempt, I think we did a pretty good job. We cut the cake out and played with frosting and made the tires out of Oreo cookies. It was a blast and Anders loved his cake! I think my favorite part of the cake was naming the garbage company “Savage Waste”.

Next up – The Mario cake

This one was a really fun one to make. We bought a few Mario plastic characters to use as decorations. We even had our first real attempt with using Fondant. Fondant is really fun and easy to work with. The clouds, stars, ghosts, pirhana plants, and coin boxes were all made from the fondant. It is really easy to stick the cutouts on the cake, you just use water and they stick! 

Mario Fondant Cake
Fondant cutouts on a Mario cake.

We had a lot of fun making this three tiered cake. This one took a long time to make. The cake makers stayed up late, drinking tequila and laughing like crazy.

Rainbow inside Mario Cake
A three tiered Mario Cake

The Ghost Busters Cake

Wylder has had a love for these movies for a long time now and we just had to make this one for him. We made the slimmer and stay puft characters out of the fondant! We have really found a love for working with this sugary dough and are finding our creativity really getting more expansive on this cake!

And yes, we stayed up way too late, drank a little too much tequila and had an absolute blast working together, laughing and being creative together! 

Ghostbusters Cake
Fondant cake made with a Ghostbusters theme

The Millennium Falcon

Having two boys is almost a guarantee that you will make a Star Wars cake, right? We had to do the Millennium Falcon! This one was epic for Brian to make, he loves Star Wars. It came out really good and the boys were satisfied for sure.

As always, the tequila was flowing and the laughter was non stop!

Millennium falcon birthday cake
Millennium falcon birthday cake made with fondant and frosting.


Watching Anders work hard to beat the Zelda games on Nintendo was a lot of fun. It seemed fitting that we would make a Zelda cake for him, right!?

The shield was great fun to make. The detail Brian put into the fondant cutouts was pretty spot on!

We used the hearts to count the year we were celebrating. Anders turned 9 that year and I really thought that was a nice touch, taking a piece of the game and incorporating it on the cake display! 

Zelda Birthday Cake with fondant
Zelda themed birthday cake made with fondant cutouts.

We used a tye dye theme and swirled the colors in the batter. We just used a toothpick to manipulate the dye and it cooked in such a great pattern. It was interesting to experiment with the batter. Let me just say, this one was a crowd pleaser for sure!

The tequila, as usual, tasted delicious as we worked into the wee hours of the morning. 

Swirled Zelda Themed birthday cake
Zelda themed birthday cake with a color swirled inside.


Like most kids, our boys love Minecraft. We decided to color our fondant into different shades of green for grass. Sitting for what felt like hours, we cut out little squares.

I think next time we would put a fondant cover over the cake. The squares didn’t hold onto the cake very well.

This particular cake was very monotonous. The night was filled with laughter and tequila and we stayed up way too late. We had a blast!

Minecraft landscape birthday cake made with fondant
A Minecraft themed birthday cake based after the landscape.


Fortnite is all the rage right now! Our oldest loves this game. For this cake, we went with the llama, which looks like a pinata. Fondant is the best and you can really do just about anything you want with it! I think we were able to pull off the pinata cake very well!

We had a lot of laughs and enjoyed making this cake together a lot! The tequila was flowing and around 2am, we called it a night.

Fortnight Pinata Llama Cake
A Fortnite themed birthday cake.


We started playing Pokemon Go as a family. It only seemed natural to do a Pokemon birthday cake. We made this Poke themed cake out of frosting. This was one of the easier cakes we have made for sure.

Everyone really enjoyed the taste and look of it. We didn’t have to stay up nearly as late as normal on this one. The tequila flowed early on this one and we were in bed by mid-night.!

Pokemon Birthday Cake
Pokemon cake made with frosting

We seriously love our tradition and look forward to making many many more of these cakes! Hopefully we can continue this for all the future birthdays and not let life get in the way anymore.

Over the years we have had friends join us in our cake making. Sometimes it is just the two of us and other times people join in on the fun!

It is always Brian and I, laughing, drinking tequila and staying up way too late!

We would love to know which cake is your favorite? Do you have any fun traditions for your kids birthdays? We would love to hear from you in the comments! 

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