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The fourth part of our ABC’s of Parenting Series is The letter D.

The letter “D” has a full range of words that relate to Parenting! Below is a small list that we think are important while dealing with our kids. We have included our thoughts, tips and tricks related to the letter D.


Creating a daily routine that builds a positive connection with your kids is so important. There are many ways to create that daily bond. Each day, take five minutes to snuggle or be close with your child. Sit down at the dinner table for meals. At Breakfast you can talk about what they look forward to in the day or in the evening take a moment to find out the best thing that happened to them that day. Read with your child every night before bed. Books are a great way to form a close connection.

Think about your daily life and choose three things you can do with your child. Make a plan to make them happen. A daily routine that creates a positive connection is easy to do if you set your intention to do it!


One huge part of parenting is being prepared to debate. You will debate parenting philosophy’s with family, friends and even strangers. Everyone has an opinion on parenting and you might as well be prepared to hear them. Remember, a debate is thinking about things from different viewpoints. There is no need to turn things into an argument, where you are defending your position.


As a parent, you will make a lot of decisions. Some will be good and some will be just plain wrong. Remember to teach your children as you go. When you make a wrong decision, don’t hang your head, use it as a teaching tool and talk about it.

Decision making is a critical life skill that you will need to teach your children. Without this skill how will your child be a mature and healthy adult? Always remember, no matter the outcome of their decisions they will learn something. A good choice and they gain self confidence, a bad one and they learn from it and make better choices later on.


It is easy to feel overwhelmed in parenting. Learning how to delegate will help ease some of those feelings. Think about your routine tasks and which ones someone else in the house might be able to do better than you. Everyone should have chores and should contribute to making the house run smoothly.


The mark of a dependable parent is one that is consistent, reliable and trustworthy. Your children need to know you will hold true to your word. If you say you are going to be some where, be there. If your child has an appointment, get them there on time. Follow through with your word, always. Of course, everyone has a bad day here and there but overall, let your kids know they can count on you!


Taking the time to have discussions with your kids from an early age can really make things easier as they age. If you and your kids have lots of conversations throughout their whole lives, they will be more apt to talk to you when difficult things come up.

Discipline With Kindness

Let’s start with the fact that discipline is not the same as punishment. Discipline has more of a teaching element than punishment ,which is just a negative consequence.

When a parent is angry or upset they usually punish more harshly than when they are calm. If a parent is able to remain calm and in control they can discipline with kindness rather than react with anger. This is a much better long-term strategy.

Don’t Over React

Our kids learn from our behaviors and our reactions to situations. If you have a tendency to over react as a parent, you may notice it in your children’s reactions. When a parent can regulate their own emotions they can more easily teach their children to do the same. You really do set the example as a parent. Your kids are always watching and mimicking you. If you want even and calm children, you must be an even and calm parent.


Drama is something we all deal with in our children. They can be overly dramtic at times, which can be hard to deal with. A lot of people associate the drama with girls but boys can have it as well. Dramatic responses are normal and you can deal with them in many ways. Bringing them to light can really help. Identifing those moments when the reactions are too strong for the situation can help your child see exactly how they might be over reacting. Something to remember, don’t respond to drama by being dramatic yourself. That will only show your child how to use more drama in the future. Instead, remain calm and discuss the reaction,



What is your favorite parenting word that starts with the letter D? Feel free to share in the comments!

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