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The seventh part of our ABC’s of Parenting Series is The letter G.

The letter “G” has a full range of words that relate to Parenting! Below is a small list that we think are important while dealing with our kids. We have included our thoughts, tips and tricks related to the letter G.


We all love a generous person right? Well, teaching your child how to be generous starts at home, with you. Take the time to talk about generosity, what it means and what it looks like. When you see someone being generous, point it out to your child and talk about how it makes you feel. Model generous behavior by giving to others and by being kind.


A gentle parent is one who is aware of their child’s emotions and understands their needs and works with their child with a peaceful and understanding attitude. Children who have gentle parents learn consistency and compassion from a very young age.


Think about your gift giving occasions, do you let your child help you in the process? When you let them help you pick out the gift, wrap it and actually give the gift it teaches them to do the same. They are able to see and feel the emotions with gift giving and will grow to love the giving process.

Gifts do not need to be extravagant. When your child has a birthday or there is another gifting reason, remember they will love anything you give them because it comes from you and it is special. There is never any need to go broke or into debt to give your child a gift. We live in a society that tells us to get the best of the best but you do not have to give in to that.


You may be thinking I have already touched on giving enough already but seriously. There are so many ways to give and it does not have to be monetary. Think of other things you can give. Your time, your energy, your enthusiasm, your commitment, your thoughts and your caring are all things to give, day in and day out! Give your children you, it is the best gift they will receive!


Setting goals is a remarkable thing. Teach your children to set goals. Set goals for your self and for your family. Small measurable goals can get the ball rolling. Goals can be anything you want to achieve. You can set a goal of losing 5 lbs or a goal of going to Disney World. The sky is the limit. But talk about them as a family. Talk about your desires and your commitments and celebrate your achievements. Teach your children to set goals. Better grades in school, winning a swim race, or making a new friend. Goals are the key to being successful!

Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have done unto you! This is the golden rule and the one rule that your family should live by. This rule teaches compassion and understanding. Teaching your children to live by this rule will set them for being kind, caring and nurturing to others. It also teaches them to think about how they want to be treated. When you know what you are willing to take as a person from others, you learn how to treat the people in your life.


Teaching a child to be grateful can be so satisfying. When you talk about gratitude regularly it becomes a positive habit. Talk about it often and teach your kids to recognize the feeling of gratitude. You can change your own mindset so quickly when you start living with a grateful heart.


Children grow so quickly. They learn so many skills each and every day. They get stronger and bigger right before your eyes. Encourage healthy habits with food choices to help their bodies take in good nutrients.

Be prepared to listen and offer suggestions and advice as your children grow older and puberty hits. Their bodies change almost over night and be prepared for their hormones to take over. The more prepared you are for these changes, the more you can be there for them as they move forward in their growth.


Honeslty, things are not always going to go as planned. You might have the best of intentions, but lets face it, things might not always work out the way you envision them. Learn to be okay with that fact.

Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty when your house isn’t as clean as you want or when you have to miss an event because of work. Be the best you can be but accept the notion that you can’t be and do it all.



What is your favorite parenting word that starts with the letter G? Feel free to share in the comments!

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