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The tenth part of our ABC’s of Parenting Series is The letter J.

The letter “J” has a full range of words that relate to Parenting! Below is a small list that we think are important while dealing with our kids. We have included our thoughts, tips and tricks as related to the letter J.

Jam Hands

Kids are always getting into something. They are a mess most of the time. Their sticky hands are covered in slime and grime. Let’s be honest, they are covered in germs.

Finding a good hand-washing routine is important, but also make sure you find a balance of letting your kids get dirty. Those germs help create immunity and are actually pretty important. They can really help with building a healthy immune system.

Oddly enough, there is a negative to being too clean!

The Letter J is for Jam Hands
The Letter J is for Jam Hands


Joking can often be a good break for all the seriousness there is in parenting. Jokes often can add a calmness to a situation that might otherwise escalate to yelling.

When you take the joking approach, you often save feelings from being hurt and you have less regret from words being spoken that you can’t take back.

The next time you get angry at your child, try laughing! Obviously if they are in danger, this would not be a good approach, but this can be used in many situations.

Try laughing and observe the outcome of the situation. Find ways in your everyday parenting life to use laughter and jokes rather than anger and yelling.


Parenting is a journey, an exciting adventure filled with high expectations and even higher hopes. The journey is filled with thoughts of excitement and anticipation of the great life your kids will lead.

The reality is though, the road is often mixed with bumps of emotion, anxiety and frustration and then moments of smooth stretches of joy and amazingly satisfying moments.

As we parents carefully navigate the journey we often have to make adjustments and change course. We look at the outside sources for guidance and inspiration. Social media, friends and family influence us more than we know.

Always try to keep in mind that we are growing along side our children. The journey involves whole family growth. With every bump and with every straightaway, we are creating bonds and building our love for each other.


There is such a warm feeling of great pleasure and happiness with being a parent. We find joy in our parenting when we are at peace with our own parenting style. When we are happy with our how and with our why of our parenting.

We able able to teach our children joy when we teach them to avoid negativity and to look for the positives in and around them and to see the joy inside of their own selves.

Honestly, working on gratitude and being thankful as a family tends to lend naturally to a consistent feeling of joy as a whole family. Creating this culture at home may take some work, but it is so worth it to watch your kids and to feel yourself living with joy in your heart.


Be prepared to be judged for everything you do as a parent, every decision you make and every choice you take. You will be judged by your own family, by your friends and in this day, by strangers on the internet.

On the flip side, you will also judge other parents. Always remember though, it is easy to judge. It takes a real effort to understand. Judging creates disconnection. Understanding creates connection.


A person who balances several things at once is a juggler and I think many parents can relate to that! As a parent you will need to become an experienced juggler when it comes to prioritizing and working with schedules and deadlines.

Parents have to figure out how to be organized with kids, school, activities, friends, sports, parties, etc. They also need to work, maintain their own relationships, friendships and find time for their own activities and foster their own selves.

Finding a way to stay organized and flexible will make it all easier. Always remember though, at any given moment, something can fall and come crashing down.


When you think of parenting, Jukebox might not be the first word you think of. The thing with it though, is that music can play a giant role in a child’s development. There is a huge link between music and learning.

If you ask me, music ignites learning. Kids learn sound recognition and meanings of words at a very young age. When you become a jukebox, or a music playing machine, you are helping your kids on many levels. Coordination and motor skills improve, language development increases, and overall literacy is enhanced. Overall listening to music tends to boost your mood and stimulates your brain.


We teach justice to our kids by being fair with our time and energy. Every child deserves our attention and our focus. They deserve to have us show up at their events and to cheer them on.

Each child should be given the same chances to reach their goals or to enhance their passions. One child’s dreams are not more important than the others. It is important to make sure we give our love and consideration to each child. To let them know they are important.

We parents need to have a moral rightness and be fair in our children’s lives. Our moral compass defines their moral compass.



What is your favorite parenting word that starts with the letter J? Feel free to share in the comments!

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