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As a busy family it can become difficult to prioritize all that needs to be done. We are always going in different directions and often lose sight of even the simplest chores. The laundry piles up into mountains and the dishes take over the counters. The floors get gritty and the bathrooms are stinky.

About a year ago we got ourselves a notebook. We started making lists of our to-dos. We make a new list several times a week. There are times things don’t get done so we just move it over to the new one.

I can’t even tell you how accomplished we have felt since starting this new habit. Brian started this and I often would poke fun of the list thinking, “Why would we need this? We know what needs to be done, or at least I know.”

But now, we live by that list – talk about team building! We are kicking our chores right in the teeth and getting more done than ever. We don’t break it down into Jody list and Brian list; we just pick what we want to do off of it and cross it off when it is done.

As a way to make it more fun, we often put little things on the list that will keep our relationship spark going.  For instance, kiss passionately in the bathroom or undress each other to start the final load of laundry. You get the idea, right? Be creative and have fun. Not all our lusty list ideas need to be shared but if you need more inspiration let us know, we would be happy to share other ideas we have tried.

So, here is a sample list we would make on any given day. By the way, we always put “Make to do list” at the top so we can check one off immediately and get the ball rolling.

–          Make to-do list

–          Sweep the floors

–          Clean out the refrigerator

–          Finish the laundry

–          Clean the front bathroom

–          Clean the back bathroom

–          Make snacks for the kids to take to school

–          Take the trash and recycling to the dump

–          Take back the returnable bottles

–          Play a game with the kids

–          Meet under the hanging plant in the living room and kiss for three minutes

–          Clean out the silverware holder

–          Split 15 pieces of wood

–          Stack the wood we have split

You will find this becomes a healthy habit in your life. It has so many benefits to our relationship and I can’t think of one negative.

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