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It is amazing to think that from day one of life, my three children all began listening to the rhythms of my body, growing from the rhythms of life. They spent the first crucial 9 months growing into a tiny baby, to my heart beat. It was my vibration that was the first one they ever knew. All three of them have inside of them a deep connection to my heart, my rhythms. They all developed listening to my body. Before they could hear sound, they felt my vibrations.

When they entered this bright and chaotic world, they found the most comfort on my chest, close to my heart. Each one of them could lay on my chest, quietly, for hours. Long before they could understand our speech or before they could communicate at all, they knew to seek solace in my body’s rhythm. They knew, I would protect them.

Fairly quickly they learned to find comfort in others vibrations as well. They knew that others could provide love and affection. Although, there are those times that only my heart seems to be able to console. There are moments when the rhythm of me, their mother, was all they needed and all they wanted. That connection is undeniable and unbreakable in my eyes and in my core.

It seems only natural for our children to begin banging on pots and pans, stomping their feet and knocking on things, finding their own rhythm. All three of our kids, and so many others I have met along the way, seem to naturally want to make noise to a beat. They are drawn to the natural rhythm of children’s song, they lull to sleep to an easy hum. They are finding their pattern, finding their beat, finding their rhythm that will lead them through life.

As the kids grow older, the comfort of being close enough to listen to my heart does amazing things. It can calm almost any situation. Hearing the beating that is so deep inside of them. It brings a sense of balance when the world seems upside down. It brings a familiar rhythm that makes everything feel like it is going to be okay.

When I think about the closeness to my own mother, I know that as my children age, they will still feel this deep connection. I still feel it from my mother. Sometimes I crave her hugs when the world is too much to handle. I seek her vibrations when I am full of joy. It would be great to sit with her and just feel calm. I know that they too will feel this way, even when they are adults, with children feeding off of their beat off of their rhythm.

The connections, the unbreakable bond, the rhythm of a mother and child’s love, a circle or life that remains strong.

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