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These are some of the best movies that I have watched!

I hope you enjoy them too!

  1. Ghostbusters – The first is one of my favorite movies.

I like this movie because I like the characters in this movie a lot. They are cool and slimer is really funny. He makes me laugh.

  1. Ghostbusters2 – The second movie.

I like how they ride on the Statue of Liberty in New York City. I also really like the river of slime under the ground.

  1. The Sandlot

I like it because the characters are really funny. The evil dog is cool too. The dog is one of my favorite parts of the movie.

  1. The Secret Life of Pets

I like it because the bunny is really funny. The story line is really cool too. I love the whole movie.

  1. Wonder

I like the characters a lot. Jack Will is my favorite one in this movie. My next favorite is Augest Pullman.

  1. Ferdinand

I really like this one because the bull Ferdinand  is cool and the papa bull is funny.

  1. Coco

I like Coco, the grandmother and I also really like Dante the dog.

  1. The Sandlot 2

I like the characters. They are funny and cool. It is a good movie.

  1. Elf

I like Buddy the elf and the narwhal is really funny. Elf is my favorite Christmas movie.

  1. Star wars 3

I like it when Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi fight. This one is my favorite in the series.

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